A/C-Stab L Model Launched
18 April, 2013

The brand new A/C-Stab features a unique design created by the Sollatek technical experts in the UK to give maximum protection to your air conditioner from all power problems. Apart from its great looks, the A/C-Stab L will operate in a voltage range of 155V-270V while featuring the latest microprocessor technology as well as circuit breaker and surge/spike protection. The intelligent time delay will protect your air conditioner from surges following power cuts.



Sollatek Ads Launched on National TV
25 March, 2013

The brand new ‘Jhoot Bole’ Sollatek TV Ads can be viewed on multiple channels across India as well as on Youtube at the following address

3 Ads were created for Sollatek by Curry Nation & Studio Eeksaurus, one each for Air Conditioners, TVs and Refrigerators. All 3 Ads were launched on National & Regional channels to great acclaim and appreciation.



Sollatek joins hands with Reliance Digital
02 May, 2012

Reliance Digital, India's fastest growing electronics retail chain has started to stock Sollatek's A/C Guard to protect Air-Conditioners, in over 60 stores nationwide. The A/C Guard is a unique wall mountable device which provides low voltage, high voltage and spike/surge protection, while also having a C Grade Circuit Breaker to protect from overloading (common in A/Cs). The A/C Guard is significantly smaller and more attractive than typical voltage stabilisers.

The range is soon to be extended to include Sollatek's TV-Stab and Fridge-Stab range of voltage stabilisers. To find your nearest Reliance Digital store, please visit


Sollatek Products Launched on
07 April, 2012

Sollatek India is proud to announce that its products are now available on India's premier online shopping portal Flipkart started by selling books, however has rapidly expanded to become the leading online retailer of electrical goods in the country, using its cash on delivery model. You can view and purchase Sollatek products on

Sollatek ties up with Bose India to protect speaker systems from damage.
26 Feb, 2012

Sollatek India is providing its HiVoltGuard to protect Bose speakers from damage from High Voltage and Spike/Surge problems. Bose is a world leader in high end audio systems, and has chosen Sollatek products to protect their equipment following a rigorous testing process.

The Sollatek HiVoltGuard, part of the Voltshield range of products, uses advanced microprocessor technology to disconnect the power if the voltage goes above acceptable levels. The HiVoltGuard also suppresses Spikes and Surges which are major causes of electrical damage with sensitive appliances.

Sollatek products now available in Nandilath G-Mart, Kerala's premier electronics and home appliances chain store.
05 Feb, 2012

Visit the link for branches and other details of Nandilath G-Mart

Sollatek announces introduction of tv-stab and fridge-stab home voltage stabilisers
10 Jan, 2012

Sollatek India is excited to offer its new range of Microprocessor controlled, sleek and modern design home voltage stabilisers.

The TV-Stab offers maximum protection to LED/LCD Flat TVs and Home Entertainment systems from High Voltage, Low Voltage, Spikes/Surges and all Power Fluctuations.

The Fridge-Stab ensures your refrigeration cools well in low voltage conditions, as well getting the full protection from all power problems.